A mezzanine bedroom frees up a nice space on the floor.

Mezzanine 1.40 m high and slightly high steps

The mezzanine bedroom

This photo, taken from the living room, shows the mezzanine bedroom, overlooking the bathroom toilet on the left and the kitchen, on the right.
The bedroom is on the mezzanine and open to the living room. It consists of 2 parts, one of which is equipped with a bed 2 places, width 120cm.

A closet makes it possible to store the clothes. Another closet in the living room serves as a wardrobe, among others.
Bed base and thick mattress quality. It is here that you will recover from your tiredness of the day. Oh, I forgot.

A quiet room

I forgot to talk about the calm in the building and around. The studio is located opposite the street. It is therefore very quiet, enough to enjoy a good sleep.

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